Reviews and Testimonials

“This is a triumph for the author but for readers and discussion groups as well who can use it to converse over issues they care passionately about while being respectful of those with whom we might disagree.”
--C.A. Webb “Conversations Book Club.”

“I read it on the way home from Atlanta last night. It was really good. I was really impressed. I am trying to decide if you are a merciful author or not… The tree hugger gets crushed by a TREE (because the rock-infested blender/wave wasn’t enough) and then he has to confess to fudging the numbers on Global Warming. Ouch. You really did make the whole thing exciting to read.”
--Gregg Alessandra, business executive

“On the whole it was a page turner: exciting enough to keep you reading, but not too fluffy, deep or intense to turn you off. The political discussions were treated fairly and realistically. The rafting adventure kept you turning the pages, and the romance was well delivered.”
--Moonshine Ink

"...I loved the excitement of the actual trips through the rapids and almost felt like I was along for the ride. I think those that like to pick apart political debates will enjoy the sparring between the characters in this book."
--Debbie’s World of Books

"Blending outdoor adventure and hot-button politics is Rick Glaze’s game in The Middle Fork. This is a timely exploration of today’s issues wrapped in a suspenseful story."
--Paul Nyberg, publisher, Los Altos Town Crier

"A taut adventure in which politics and a river merge in unusual ways."
--Fred Lowell, former chairman, Northern California Lincoln Club

"The Middle Fork is an artful combination of spine-chilling adventure and red-hot politics…a must read.."
--Duf Sundheim, former Chairman, California Republican Party

"The Middle Fork is a white water, white knuckle adventure with a splash of romance and politics masterfully blended."
--Luis Buhler, Bay Area Vice Chairman, California Republican Party

"Flash floods, romance, and a battle royal of politics—The Middle Fork has it all. I couldn't put it down."
--Jerry Ceppos, Dean, Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno; Former executive editor, San Jose Mercury News; Former vice president for news, Knight Ridder Corporation

"An interesting cross-genre book. I haven’t read anything like it before, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It makes you think, while completely entertaining you."
--Tom Campbell, former dean, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley; former U.S. congressman

"I'm very much drawn to fiction revolving around politics. None of them have utilized The Middle Fork’s interesting device of juxtaposing their themes with a stunning outdoor scene…"
--Basil and Spice, Author and Book Views on a Healthy Life

"This book sounds interesting to me. I've always been interested in politics, unfortunately, my attention span with politics is pretty short. So the thrill of the backdrop would probably be a great enhancement to the political discussion."
--Anonymous Blogger

"The setting of a kayak trip is a great backdrop for the deeper conversations and bonds that are formed on this trip."
--Sweeps4Bloggers Web Review